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Council Leadership

An elected volunteer board of directors, consisting of members who are reflective of the communities within the council, act as the leadership body of the council. The board of directors has the authority and responsibility to set policies and make financial decisions that affect the total quality of Girl Scouting in Girl Scouts of Manitou.

Girl Scouts of Manitou Council Board of Directors

Board Office

  • Chair of the Board - Amber Lamers
  • Vice Chair - Liesl Testwuide
  • Secretary - Cheryl Petrashek
  • Treasurer - Bethany Kohlman


  • Jean Ansay
  • Kate Ansay
  • Marianne Cooke
  • Pam Dekker
  • Jennifer Foote
  • Marge Horneck
  • Theresa Loehr
  • Jessica Martinson
  • Laura Roenitz
  • Deb Sabol-Williams
  • Denise Shaffer
  • Sheila Schetter