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Below please find a list of Girl Scouts of Manitou Council employees. While 99% of adult members of Girl Scouting are volunteers, our employees are women and men who have dedicated their careers to ensuring that girls have opportunities to become more courageous, confident, caring, and generous as they grow through their experiences in Girl Scouting.

Staff Directory

Andrea BrownMembership Development & Support Director(920) 207-7137
Diane ClineChief Operating Officer(920) 565-4575 ext.322
Pam ThayerMembership Development & Support Director(920) 565-4575 ext.319
Linda CookReceptionist/Shop Manager(920) 565-4575 ext.310
Jodi SteinesTroop Systems Monitor(920) 565-4575 ext.324
Amy OdekirkDirector of Program Quality(920) 565-4575 ext.316
Abby WeberDirector of Camp and Program(920) 565-4575 ext.317/352
Mark ShawProperty Manager(920) 254-6086 ext.351
Jim KornelyProperty Maintenance Camp Manitou(920) 323-2705
Pauline McGillChief Resource Development Officer(920) 565-4575 ext.313
Nathan BirrSystems Administrator(920) 565-4575 ext.318
Denise SchemenauerChief Executive Officer(920) 565-4575 ext.323
Cassie SterwaldDirector of Communications(920) 565-4575 ext.315