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Overnight Camp

Five-night sessions
Check in 2:00-3:00 p.m.; Check out 6:15-6:45 p.m.
Entering grades 2-12 in fall - $380

Three-night sessions
Check in 2:00-3:00 p.m.; Check out 6:15-6:45 p.m.
Entering grades 1-6 in fall - $260

Want to pay for camp a little at a time?

Camp activities will reflect the theme of each week, but rest assured all the great camping activities will be included each week regardless of the theme.

Camp reserves the right to change activities based on sudden changes in surprise presenters, weather, and other factors. For safety, Girl Scout Daisies will not participate in archery but in in other amazing activities in keeping with the theme of the session.

Camp Evelyn

Girl vs. Wild

As a nature detective, you will dig into the mysteries of nature and science first-hand. The forest, hills, and mighty river will be your playground for orienteering, constructing shelters, and tracking animals. Solve a nature scavenger hunt, go on a rock-climbing trip, and get up close to live animals with a wildlife specialist.

Five-Night: June 18-23
Three-Night: June 20-23
1 Day: June 19


Food Fusion

Explore the world of culinary arts! Cook over a campfire, make unique snacks, and learn baking basics. You will try foods from around the world. Learn how food goes from farm to table on a trip away from camp. Finally you will have an extreme challenge cook-off where you dish will be judged. By the end of the week, you will be able to prepare a special meal for your family!

Five-Night: June 25-30
Three-Night: June 27-30
1 Day: June 26

Art Attack

Get in touch with your inner artist as you paint a masterpiece using brushes, fingers, sticks, stones, and balloons filled with paint! Experiment with colorful substances that produce rad reactions. The “Camp Evelyn Bazaar” will be the perfect place to “sell” your artwork. Work as a team to win the Camp Color Cup! Each day your team will be given a new challenge to test your mind, eye, and body!

Five-Night: July 9-14
Three Night: July 11-14
1 Day: July 10

Just Add Water

Enjoy all that water has to offer! Enjoy a sunset swim in the pool, look for aquatic creatures in the Mullet River, go kayaking and stand up paddle boarding in Crystal Lake, and have a floating lunch! Learn about the eco-system in the Mullet River and Crystal Lake. You will stay cool by making slushies, playing water balloon battleship, and in a water scavenger hunt.

Five-Night: July 16-21
Three-Night: July 18-21
1 Day: July 17


Uh-oh. Camp Evelyn is being attacked by zombies! Survive by learning quickly and being careful . . . zombies are lurking. It is up to us to save our sister Girl Scouts. Learn bush craft such as building a fire, collecting clean water, creating a shelter, making lifesaving knots, and finding different food sources. Think you know all about zombie survival? Then put your skills to the test in our simulated outbreak where zombies invade camp. Your “out of the box” thinking will help your team discover a cure!

Five-Night: July 23-28
Three-Night: July 25-28
1 Day: July 24
at Camp Manitou 1-Day: July 26

CSI Academy

Be part of the distinguished Camp Evelyn Camp Scene Investigation Unit. The camp director has gone missing. We will be creating disguises and learning secret code and other tricks of the trade along the way. Using the science of fingerprints, fibers, tool marks, and suspect sketching to help solve the mystery. Grab your magnifying glass and uncover skills for investigative minds!

Five-Night: July 30-August 4
Three-Night: August 1-4
1 Day: July 31
at Camp Manitou 1-Day: August 2

Brains and Beauty

You’ve been told “don’t try that at home,” so try it at camp instead! Test scientific myths and embrace your curiosity. Relax, unwind and feel good inside and out at Spa Evelyn! Practice yoga, take a mud bath (a.k.a river stomp), sample tasty snacks, and make your own beauty products. You will have a swanky indoor slumber party while trained consultants share all the secrets to natural healthy skin. Make your own fizzy bath bombs or personalized bath salts, study color-changing nail polish, and make your own hand sanitizer or toothpaste.

Five-Night: August 6-11
Three-Night: August 8-11
1 Day: August 7
Camp Manitou 1-Day: August 9


Pack your bags as we go on a fantastic journey “around the world” and “travel” to different places by learning games, art, recipes, music, and stories from all over the world! Visit a different country each day without the hassle of a passport and jet lag! We are off on a new adventure learning about different cultures.

Three Night: August 13-16
1 Day: August 14

Counselor-in-Training (CIT I) & Counselor-in Training II (CIT II)

CIT I & II: 12 Night: $720

If you think someday you would like to work at camp, these sessions are for you. Discover and develop skills to be a top-notch camp staff member. Learn to lead and perfect your camp skills. Understand camp staff roles and the characteristics of girls at each age. CIT-I’s have the option to complete the American Red Cross babysitting certificate. CIT-II’s have the option to participate in the American Red Cross Junior Lifeguarding course for a sneak peek into what it takes to become a lifeguard (not lifeguard certified). CIT-I is open to girls entering grade 9-12 and CIT II is open to girls entering 10-12. Completion of CIT-I is the prerequisite for CIT II.

CIT-I: 12-Night: July 30-August 11
CIT-II: 12-Night: July 16-28

The BIG 12-Nighter

Entering grades 2-12 $875

Congratulations, you have graduated to the next level of summer camp . . . the BIG 12-Nighter. You will enjoy two super fun sessions at Camp Evelyn “Just Add Water” AND “Zombology!” Over the weekend you may call home and do laundry. (Yes, we will help.) You will get extra time to swim, have a slumber party, and sleep in just a tad bit later!

12-Night: July 16-28


Rock the summer at Camp Manitou
(sessions below are at Camp Manitou only)

Bits and Bridles

Entering grades 5-12 in fall-$380

Let your inner horsewoman shine! Learn basic horseback riding, grooming, and stable management. We will start from the beginning and build your equestrian skills, spending at least 2 hours a day at the stable. You will have plenty of time to explore Camp Manitou and Serenity Lake, and to swim, kayak, stand-up paddle board, hike, geocache, and play disc golf. There will be plenty of room for your horse-riding gear, including long pants and sturdy shoes with heels, because you will “camp” in a Camp Manitou building during this session. Limited capacity available.

Three-Night: June 25-28

Water Adventures

Entering grades 5-12 in fall-$260

Your dreams of living your life on a beach are about to come true. You will wake up, and the first step out of your tent will be onto Serenity Beach. You will canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, fish, and build gigantic sandcastles! You will also travel to Woodland Dunes Nature Center to learn about keeping our waterfronts and wetlands clean and healthy for wildlife. Limited capacity available.

Three-Night: July 30-August 2