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Rental FAQs

Check out the Troop Facility Rental Guidelines or click on the FAQs below.

Q. What type of training is required?

A. When a Girl Scout troop is planning on sleeping or cooking in the out-of-doors, a registered Girl Scout adult must take Outdoor Adventure training offered by the council. It is highly recommended to take the training even if the troop only plans on renting a building. The training provides additional resources for enhancing troop activities. Also, an adult with current first aid and CPR certifications is required to be present during overnight outings at all Girl Scouts of Manitou Council-owned sites.

Q. How many people can sleep in each building and what are the sleeping arrangements?

A. Buildings sleep up to 25 with sleeping mats arranged on the floor. Crystal Lake House and the Cedars have a small room available that sleeps two in twin beds. Gemini I also has a small room available that sleeps two on cots. Tent unit sleeping capacity ranges and sleeping is in tents on raised platforms with cots, mosquito netting and a small cubbie for storage of personal items.

Q: What time is check-in and check-out?

A: The facility you have rented will be available for your group after 4:00 p.m. on the day reserved. Please understand that early arrival may not work as previous guests may not have checked out until 3:00 p.m. and clean up needs to occur. Please depart prior to 3:00 p.m. on your last day. Upon departure, complete the check-out form and leave in the building for the property manager.

Q. How do I get the keys to unlock the building I have reserved?

A. If you are staying in any of the buildings at Camp Evelyn, including Crystal Lake house, the building will be opened for you prior to your arrival. If you are staying at Camp Manitou, you will receive an e-mail with a security code for the gate and building lock.

Q. Are the kitchens stocked and with what?

A. Kitchens include refrigerator, stove, microwave, coffee pot, cooking utensils, pots, pans, plates, cups, and silverware for up to 25 people.

Q. What equipment do you suggest I bring along when renting one of the buildings?

A. It is recommended you bring your own dish cloths, dish towels, sponges for dishes, food storage containers, lighter, matches, bedding, and bath towels. If you are unsure what to bring or would like more information on what is available in the buildings please contact us.

Q. Do the buildings have toilets and showers?

A. Each building with the exception of tent units and the Lodge a have minimum of two toilets and at least one shower. Individuals should bring along their own shower supplies.

Q. Is there a TV and/or DVD player or radio in the buildings?

A. The only facility that has a TV and DVD player is the Crystal Lake House.

Q: Do we need to bring fans with us?

A: The Crystal Lake House does have air conditioning; fans are provided in all other buildings.

Q. Is there a grill?

A. There are no grills available at buildings; however, there are campfire bowls, which allow for cooking, and grates are available for this use.

Q. Is there a tripod to go over the fire?

A. There are grates that fit over a fire that can be used to cook on.

Q. Do you have Dutch ovens, roasting forks, or pudgy pie irons for the fire?

A. Yes, Dutch ovens, roasting forks, and pudgy pie irons are available.

Q. Are there lawn chairs to sit on around the fire pit?

A. Fire bowls provide benches to sit on in main campfire bowl at Camp Evelyn, Crystal Lake House, The Cedars, and the Pine Troop House. You may want to bring your own bag chairs if you would prefer something more comfortable.

Q. I know there is a fireplace or fire bowl ring available. Are we required to bring our own firewood and kindling?

A. Firewood is provided for at each building; the forest is available for you to collect kindling if needed.

Q. Are lifeguards required to go swimming and boating when renting a camp facility?

A. All groups must have a certified lifeguard supervising all waterfront activities. Use of the waterfront must be pre-arranged and have council approval.

Q: If we rent the Crystal Lake House in the summer, can our troop join in on your summer camp activities?

A: The activities that are happening at Camp Evelyn are for summer campers only. If your troop is interested in these activities, it is suggested the troop register and join us for a summer camp session!

Q: Is there any poison ivy in the area around camp?

A: Yes, poison ivy has been known to grow in various areas of camp. Please advise everyone to stay on trails and you may want to teach your group how to identify poison ivy.

Q: Are there any hiking trails?

A: There are many trails at camp to explore. Many lead to the various campsites, one leads to Lookout Mountain, others lead to the river, and some are mainly scenic trails in the woods.

Q: How early do I need to make my reservation on order to ensure a good date?

A: You may make your reservation as early as you would like. Both Camp Evelyn and Camp Manitou are popular troop adventures.

Q: What if there are male chaperones or children who aren't members of the troop/group accompanying the troop?

A: Parents of campers shall be notified if there is a male chaperone or children who are not members of the troop accompanying the troop/group camping.

Q: What are the weather guidelines for Cookie Booth parties?

A: Girl Scouts of Manitou Council reserves the right to cancel a swimming session due to extreme weather conditions for the safety of the swimmers and lifeguards. No refunds will be issued; however, an alternative activity may be available.

Q: What are the weather guidelines for cookie booth pool or lake rentals?

A: Girl Scouts of Manitou Council reserves the right to cancel a swimming session due to extreme weather conditions for the safety of the swimmers and lifeguards. We will contact you to reschedule or make other arrangements for your troop.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: If a cancellation of a reservation is made at least three weeks prior to the date reserved, a full refund will be made. If a cancellation is made less than three weeks prior to the date reserved no refund will be made.