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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have a parent who has not turned in her daughter's cookie sale order form. What should I do?
Answer: First personally contact the parent and explain your deadline. If the parent does not turn in the form, you should enter your troop order in eBudde by the deadline date.

Question: I have a girl in my troop who turned in the bottom tear-off portion of her order card after I submitted my troop order to the Community Cookie Sale Manager. Can this girl obtain these cookies?
Answer: Once you have submitted your order in eBudde you cannot make any changes. Contact your Community Cookie Sale Manager. If she has not submitted the community order she can make the changes. She can also check all the group orders in eBudde to see if another troop in your community has extra cookies to sell. You would purchase these cookies at $3.25 from another troop. Your troop would earn the $0.75 troop proceeds for selling the cookies purchased. Additional packages of cookies may also be obtained from the Girl Scout Center and the cupboard in Fond du Lac.

Question: I received the troop cookie order on the delivery day, and I have a parent who says her daughter did not receive the correct kinds of cookies.
Answer: Check this girl’s order in eBudde against the order on the copy of the receipt the parent signed when they picked up the girl order. If these match, inform the parent that she was responsible for checking the order before she signed the receipt. We do have extra cookies at the Girl Scout Center and will exchange cookies that are in good condition. Contact us by telephone at (920) 565-4575 to make sure we have the varieties you need. We will set them aside for you.

Question: I have a girl who sold some of the extra cookies the troop ordered to fill full cases. When these additional packages sold are added to her original order she is eligible to receive additional awards and incentives. How do I order these additional items?
Answer: Complete the "Additional Packages Sold By Girls" form. include this form with your final paper work you give to your Community Cookie Sale Manager. Additional incentives will be ordered and sent to your Community Cookie Sale Manager. Girls cannot receive individual credit for packages sold at cookie booths.

Question: I have one girl whose parent(s) have not turned in the money for cookies owed. What do I do?
Answer: Do not pay for these cookies from your troop proceeds. Troops do not have to use the hard-earned troop proceeds earned by other girls to pay for cookies not paid for by one girl’s parents, but troops also do not receive troop proceeds on this girl's sales until the cookie are paid for by the parents. Provide to the council the name of the girl and the reason given (if any) for non-payment. Send a copy of the signed parent permission form and the receipt signed by the parent when they picked up the cookies. The Council Chief Resource Development Officer will contact you upon receiving this information. The parent will then be contacted. Girl Scouts of Manitou prosecutes all persons who owe monies from cookie sales.

Question: Should I accept one check from parents for total girls’ sale?
Answer: NO. Parents may receive NSF checks from customers and incur bank charges if they deposit customer checks in their personal accounts. The parent's check may not have sufficient funds to cover the amount written. NSF checks that are deposited in the council's accounts are automatically transferred by the bank to a collection agency. If this agency is unable to collect then Girl Scouts of Manitou turns it over to the local District Attorney's office as a "worthless check."