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Parent Meetings

Talking to Families About the Girl Scout Cookie Sale

Girls succeed when families are involved
When families understand the importance of the Cookie Program, they give it their full support and help girls do everything it takes to be successful. As a volunteer, you play a key role in helping families understand the importance of the Cookie Program. Hosting a family cookie meeting is a fun and easy way to give girls the tremendous advantage of family support.

The family cookie meeting
Encourage girls to plan the family meeting, play leading roles and make it fun for everyone with games and songs. Let girls take the stage and inspire their families with their exciting goals!

Sample Agenda
  1. Girls greet families at the door and take them to their seats.
  2. A girl calls the meeting to order and welcomes parents. She introduces the adult volunteer.
  3. The adult volunteer discusses the following:

    A.  Skills Gained - In addition to being a money-earning project, the Cookie Program is a unique and valuable way that Girl Scouts learn five skills that are core to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. These skills are:
  • Goal Setting as she sets cookie sales goals and makes a plan to reach them
  • Decision-Making as she decides how her team will spend the cookie money
  • Money Management as she takes orders and handles customers’ money
  • People Skills as she learns to talk and listen to all kinds of people while selling cookies
  • Business Ethics as she is honest and responsible every step of the way

B.  Parent Involvement Appreciated – Explain how important it is to girls that they get to spend more time with their parents during the cookie sale.

C.  Proceeds Critical to Girl Scouting - The Cookie Program supports all of the girls in the local council and makes it possible to provide girl programs, low-cost council events, training, resources and support for adult programs.

D.  The Cookie Sale logistics – permission forms, rewards, dates, money collection, etc. Stress that person-to-person sales are always most effective.

E.  Online Sales - Inform parents that Girl Scouts of Manitou Council will be sending them “How to’s” to help their daughter set up her online sales as a supplement to person-to-person sales.

F.  Permission forms – distribute or collect

4. Girls take turns explaining the group’s goals. They may wish to share songs, projects or games.

5. A girl thanks everyone for coming and says good-bye.