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4.3.7. New Volunteer Checklist

New Volunteer Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you have completed the onboarding process to become a Girl Scout volunteer. All Girl Scout troops are unique so if you need to adjust some of the steps to better fit your needs, please feel free to do so. This checklist is to help you through the hurdles of the first few months in your role as a Girl Scout volunteer.


Weeks 1-2

  • Complete Application Process
  • Complete Girl Scout registration form and pay $25 registration fee
  • Background check/references conducted
  • Receive confirmation of your appointment as a Girl Scout volunteer

Complete Girl Scout Learning Opportunities

  • Step 1 – Face-to-face Orientation
  • Step 2 – Complete the Successful Leader Learning Series on gsLearn

Visit our Volunteer Resources page to familiarize yourself with the online resources available.

Review Resources

  • At orientation you will learn about online and printed troop resources for the Girl Scout level of your troop
  • Please review the resources thoroughly so that you can explain them to the girls and their parents/guardians; it is highly encouraged that each girl purchase her own set of books

Prepare for your first troop meeting

  • Secure a meeting place
  • Plan schedule for the year; be sure to schedule at least 2-3 troop meetings per month

Weeks 2-4

Hold First Troop Meeting/Parent Meeting

  • Share Girl Scout and troop information with the families
    • Develop communication plan to share information with parents
  • Form a troop committee
    • Adult leadership teams help distribute the work among several adults making troop organization easier and more enjoyable for all
    • Be direct and specific when asking for assistance
    • Examples: troop cookie sale manager, snacks, chaperone, drivers, help with a skill building badge, extra helper for troop meetings

Assure All Members of Your Troop are Registered

  • Submit all adult and girl registration forms to the Girl Scout Center
    • New troop members may join and register at any time throughout the year
    • Girls and adults may register online once troop is registered

Set Troop Goals with the Girls

  • What do the girls want to accomplish?
  • What would you like to accomplish as a volunteer?

Plan Meetings

  • Plan for first few meetings with girls along with the troop committee
  • Badges, Girl Scout Journey, cookie sale, community service, field trips, guest presenters

Weeks 3-6

Visit Petals to Patches Shop

  • Girl Scout Center in Sheboygan or online
  • Books, uniforms, badges and more

Attend Service Unit Meetings

  • There are four meetings per year (August, October/November, January/February, March/April) and you will receive a meeting notification either by postcard or through an e-mail
  • Please ensure at least one adult from the troop attends every service unit meeting to receive important information, learn about area events and resources, and network with other volunteers

Prepare for the Cookie Sale

  • Troop cookie sale manager recruited, registered, completed training
  • Prepare girls for selling, using online tools
  • Hold a cookie meeting with parents to complete permission forms, learn about the troop’s cookie sale goals and parents’ role in the cookie sale
  • Keep detailed finance records for the annual troop summary
  • Establish a troop bank account

Weeks 7-12

Continue Holding Troop Meetings

  • Plan for bridging if necessary, camping, troop getaways, Take Action projects, survey the girls for ideas for next year
  • Keep in contact with service unit manager, troop organizer, membership development manager—we are all here to help
  • Have fun!