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Important Information

How to Register for Camp

All registration, health information, required forms, camp photos, and camp letters will all be on one easy-to-use! When you log on to register your daughter for camp, you can also add on items like a camp t-shirt or care package or make a camp store deposit. You can use the program credits that your daughter earned in the 2022 Cookie Sale, and, if desired, you can also arrange for your camp fee to be charged to you over-time rather than all at once.

If your daughter earned a free camp session during the 2022 Cookie Sale, you will be contacted with instructions on how to register for camp - FREE.

Financial assistance, known as a "campership," is available if needed for Girl Scouts in Manitou Council to attend camp. Just complete the campership application during the registration process. If a campership is requeted, a spot will be held until the application is reviewed. You will then receive instructions on how to complete the registration process using the campership awarded.

All girls are welcome at camp! If your daughter isn't a Girl Scout yet, you will just need to add the $30 Girl Scout membership dues to the camp fee so that your daughter will become a member. This is copmleted at the same time you register for the camp session.

If the session for which you are trying to register your daughter does not appear as an option, your daughter may not be in the required grades for the session, the session has reached capacity, or registration has closed as the session start date is quickly approaching. You can join a waiting list for a session if it is full, and you will be notified if you are moved off the waiting list.

After registering for a session, refunds less a processing fee are considered on a case-by-case basis with three weeks' notice or due to an emergency. If we are unable to hold camp due to the pandemic, refunds will be provided.

If you have any questions or need assistance with registering your daughter for camp, please contact us at 920-565-4575 or For log in or technical issues, please visit or call 734-636-1000. 

Confirmation Information

A confirmation email will arrive shortly after you register. This email will contain links to vital information and will provide details about required health and transportation information you will need to provide to us. It is important that you read through this email and the links very soon after receiving it. Please check your spam/junk foflder if you do not see it in your inbox. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 24 hours, please contact us

Buddy Request

A girl may request to be placed in the same unit as her friend(s). The option to add a buddy is located in the health profile section of CampDoc. Please be sure to update the form to include the name of the desired buddy. Buddies must register for the same session and dates.

Sleeping Accommodations

Girls will sleep on cots covered with mosquito netting in tents set up on raised platforms or in cabins. Blankets, pillows, or sheets from home, and maybe even a favorite stuffed animal, make your cot comfy and cozy. Counselors sleep in tents or cabins that are VERY close by, but not in the same tents or cabins as girls. Decisions on where the girls sleep depend on girl attendance, camp session and availability.


There is nothing like activity and fresh air to make a girl HUNGRY! Camp meals and snacks are healthy and are foods kids like. Most meals are prepared by our cooks and eaten in the dining hall, and girls also cook at least one meal themselves outdoors, maybe more.

Most diets (gluten free, diabetic, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, allergies, etc.) can be accommodated by contacting the director of camp and program at least two weeks prior to your daughter’s stay at camp. Girls with dietary restrictions are welcome to bring a few alternative meals if they wish. Please include any dietary or meal restrictions in your daughters’ health information as well.


Kapers are chores, important in Girl Scouting, to learn that everyone must do their share. In small groups, girls will take turns doing kapers like setting and clearing dining hall tables, sweeping, raising and lowering the flag and helping camp be as beautiful as it can be.

Arrival Day/Check-In

Check-in is from 2-3 p.m. The entire check-in process typically takes about an hour. We advise all visitors to dress comfortably and for the weather as it is about a 15 minute hike to your daughters unit (campsite) on varied terrain. Please note that smoking and pets are not allowed on camp property. We ask that whoever is dropping off your daughter at camp to accompany them through check in.

Once you arrive:

  • You will be greeted by camp staff at the driveway and instructed on where to park. You will also be given the unit (campsite) name that your daughter will be staying in.
  • Once parked, you will unload your daughter’s luggage into the trailer that is assigned to her unit. Please place everything in the trailer, except the following items:
    • Backpack/tote bag with your daughter’s beach towel, swimsuit, shower supplies (body wash/soap, washcloth/shower puff, shampoo & conditioner), personal hygiene supplies (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, hair ties, deodorant, etc.), sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and water bottle
  • At the welcome center there will be two options:
    • Express Check-In: If you have completed all of your daughter’s health information and do not need to turn in any medication or camp store money, you may use the express check-in. All you will have to do is check in near the office with the camp staff to let them know you have arrived, and then you will be able to head to your daughter’s unit to meet her counselors and fellow unit mates.
    • If you have health information, medications, or camp store money to turn in, you will be directed to each station and then you will be able to head to your daughter’s unit to meet her counselors and fellow unit mates.
  • Once you have been introduced to your daughter’s counselors in the unit, it is time for you to say your goodbyes and leave your daughter in the care of the camp staff.
  • Camp activities start promptly at 3:30 p.m.; we ask that family and friends help make the transition as quickly as possible.

* Please note that the check-in and check-out process may differ slightly than the above outlined procedure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All check-in and check-out procedures will be communicated to you prior to the camp session.

Departure Day/Check-Out

Please plan on arriving at camp at 3:30 p.m. You will be asked to check out your daughter by presenting the QR code card you received during the check-in process. 

After you have begun the check-out process, you may proceed to pick up your daughter and head to the luggage trailer to unload her belongings.

Please do not attempt to gather your daughter’s luggage without her being present. It is far too common for parents to mistakenly grab another girl’s items. Also, many girls may end up putting their laundry in plastic bags or may have purchased items at camp that they do not want to be left in the luggage trailer.

* Please note that the check-in and check-out process may differ slightly than the above outlined procedure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All check-in and check-out procedures will be communicated to you prior to the camp session.


Safety is Priority One at camp. Our staff complete intense training in how to keep girls safe while still having lots of fun. Camp Evelyn is operated by the standards of Girl Scouts of the USA, which meet or exceed the standards of the local and state health departments. Girl Scouts of Manitou Council will also meet or exceed standards of the American Camp Association (ACA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Sheboygan County Health Department for summer camp operation during the COVID-19 pandemic. All staff pass a thorough screening process including criminal and sexual offender background checks. Each staff member is certified in CPR and first aid and many are lifeguards. A qualified health supervisor is on-site at all times, and a doctor is on-call. Adults picking up girls must be listed on the transportation form completed by the parent prior to camp and will be required to show a photo ID. Each girl staying five nights or more must provide documentation of a health assessment conducted by a medical professional.

If you are interested in seeing some of the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols we followed for the 2020 summer camp season, you can do so here

Water Safety

All girls participate in a swimming skills assessment as one of the first activities at camp. Girls will be assigned to a swim area according to their swimming ability. Everyone is required to wear a life jacket in all boats, regardless of swimming ability. All aquatic activities are supervised by certified lifeguards and additional staff watchers.

Weather & Emergency Preparedness

A Girl Scout is always prepared, and that includes at camp. During training, staff members learn and practice emergency weather procedures and emergency action plans. If the weather is unusually hot or cold, or in the event of rain, activities will be changed to keep the girls safe and comfortable. Weather is constantly being monitored by office staff and there are designated storm shelters throughout camp. Please remember that during weather alerts we will need the phone lines kept open to contact different parts of camp or emergency services. Please refrain from calling camp during severe weather.


All medications, ointments, vitamins etc. are dispensed by the health supervisor during your daughter’s stay at camp. When you arrive at camp, please be prepared to turn-in medications to the health supervisor.

All medications must be in their original containers and must be labeled with the pharmacy label, girl’s name, and directions for use. Medications cannot be dispensed to children without this information, according to state law.

Over-the-counter medication, provided by the camp, is available to girls on a case-by-case basis. These medications are only dispensed to girls with parental consent, which is part of the girl’s health history. Please do not bring over-the-counter medication unless it is needed on a regular basis.

Emergency medications such as epi-pens, bronchial inhalers, diabetes medication or other medication that is needed for life threatening situations may be carried by girls or kept with their direct staff. We highly recommend you bring more than one so that your daughter may carry one with her and the other may be held by the health supervisor.

Health Check

On arrival day all girls will receive a health screening. This includes a check for contagious scalp and skin conditions and current body temperature. Any girl with a temperature over 100 degrees, who has evidence of nits or lice, or who is otherwise ill will be sent home. After a minimum of 24 hours and if there is no longer signs or symptoms, your daughter may return to camp with authorization from the Director of Camp and Program.

Special Needs

EVERY GIRL deserves the chance to camp! Camp Evelyn and Camp Manitou can accommodate most physical, medical, developmental, dietary, behavioral, or communications needs. Contact the director of camp and program to discuss the camp session and specific needs.


Camp staff members are experienced with helping girls move past homesickness. They will work on getting the girls active and involved, help her meet new friends, and let her know that it is normal to have these feelings. We will also encourage homesick girls to write down their feelings in a letter home. If you receive a letter from camp that is less than positive, please do not worry. Homesickness is usually over by the time you receive the letter.

You can help your daughter cope with homesickness by speaking openly about how normal the feeling of missing home are and how fast it usually goes away when they get involved in activities. Make her aware of what camp life is like so she is prepared for a new routine, lots of activity, spending the whole day out in nature, sleeping outdoors, using latrines, and cooking over a fire. Parents are also encouraged to write positive letters or e-mail encouraging her to try new things and stay positive.

If the director of camp and program believes your daughter is not adjusting to camp life or having a positive experience, you will be contacted.

Keeping in Touch With Your Daughter

While your daughter is having the time of her life at camp, you can see what she is up to and let her know you are thinking about her by:

  • Viewing photos through Waldo Photos, our camp photo software that is easily accessed (for FREE) through the same system used for registration! 
    • Prior to her camp session, you can submit a photo of your daughter on the Waldo Photos platform. Waldo Photos uses facial recognition software to find photos of your daughter. 
      • You can set it up to get a text alert or app notification every time a photo of your daughter is uploaded.     
    • Don't want to use facial recognition? No problem! You can still access all the photos from your daughter's session for free. 
  •  Like the Camp Evelyn Facebook page and follow campevelyncampmanitou on Instagram! We regularly post photos to the Camp Evelyn Facebook page and Instagram, and will continue to add photos throughout the sessions.
  • Send one-way communications to your daughter through CampGrams! CampGrams are available on the same system you use for camp registration. 
    • CampGrams will be printed and delivered to girls twice daily. 
  • Mailing her letters or packages (please do not send any food that contain any kid of nuts) to your daughter during or before her session.
    • If your daughter wants to send mail from camp please do not forget to supply her with envelopes and stamps or she can purchase these in the camp store (canteen).
  • Hiding notes in her bag for her to discover.
  • Purchasing Camp Care Packages at our camp store (canteen). You can purchase these during registration or when you arrive at camp. We will deliver her care package to her at camp. 

Camp is purposefully a place where girls can be "unplugged" allowing them to fully connect with each other and the environment. Cell phones and other electronic devices like iPods, iPads, tablets, computers, gaming systems, and more are not allowed at camp. We also ask that family and friends not call the camp office to talk to girls as this prevents them from truly experiencing camp life. The Director of Camp and Program will notify parent/guardians by phone if there is any kind of accident, illness, or other situations involving their daughter.

Camp Store (Canteen)

The Camp Evelyn store (Canteen) is bursting with camp goodies including T-shirts, water bottles, toys, additional activity items and more. Prices vary from $1 to $30 so there is something for everyone. A popular items is the yearly camp t-shirt, approximately $15. Help your daughter bring her camp memories home by depositing funds into her camp store account when you register her for camp. Those who have not made a deposit prior to the camp session are asked to deposit any store money into your daughter’s account during check in. Cash, check, credit card, gift cards and program credits earned in the cookie sale are accepted. Any remaining balance at the end of the camp session can be donated to camp or will be refunded to the parent following the camp session. All campers will have the opportunity to visit the canteen at least once during their session, including day campers. 


Girl Scouts of Manitou Council incurs costs for those who reserve a spot at camp prior to their arrival. Partial refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the request is made at least three weeks prior to the reserved camp session or in case of a documented sudden illness of the girl or in the event of a documented family emergency. If we are unable to hold camp due to the COVID-19 pandemic, refunds will be provided.

In the event of a natural disaster that forces cancelation of camp, Girl Scouts of Manitou Council reserves the right to refund on a partial basis.

Girls who do not show up for their scheduled session and have not canceled, girls who are sent home due to behavioral problems, and girls who go home early due to homesickness will not receive a refund.

Insufficient Funds

All Non-Sufficient Funds checks are immediately sent to a collection agency who will charge you a fee.

Unexpected Changes

Although every attempt will be made to follow the activities as mentioned in the camp descriptions. We reserve the right to change activities based on sudden changes due to girls' abilities, surprise presenters, weather, or other factors. For safety, Girl Scout Daisies will not participate in archery but in other amazing activities in keeping with the theme of the session. In addition, we feel it is important for girls to experience all levels of summer camping, so there may be times where girls will take a day trip from Camp Evelyn to Camp Manitou. Transportation and supervision will be provided by the camp staff.