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Along with job specific requirements, all staff are expected to:

  • Be able to adapt to a flexible 24-hour schedule
  • Be a team player—camp cannot function unless everyone is working together
  • Have willingness to create a positive community with fellow staff members and campers
  • Have experience working with kids and/or skills related to the specific position
  • Have willingness, enthusiasm, and ability to participate fully in the camp experience
  • Enjoy living and working in the outdoors
  • Create a safe, supportive, and positive environment for all girls. The focus at camp is the girls—we need to make sure we focus on their needs and provide support, guidance, encouragement, and patience at all times
  • Act as an appropriate role model for the girls and fellow staff members through actions, appearance, language and professional work habits
  • Realize respecting everyone is important—this includes yourself, campers, staff members, visitors, and the environment
  • Abide by camp policies, procedures, and guidelines

What are the dates of employment?

Dates for summer staff members are June through about the third week of August. There may be options to work archery, swimming and other rentals after the camp season.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid in three installments throughout the summer. Paychecks are generally issued near the first few weeks of camp, at the halfway point, and at the end of the summer.

Can I have extended time off during the camp season?

The efficient operations of camp require the punctuality and regular attendance of all seasonal camp staff members. However, we understand that certain circumstances may arise where you will need to leave camp without pay. We will do our best to accommodate these requests; however, they need to be pre-arranged and approved by the Director of Camp and Program. If possible these requests should be brought to the Director of Camp and Program attention when you apply for the position.

What does a typical day look like for staff?

Each position will have its own typical day so please contact the director of camp and program if you have any questions or would like more information.

Do I get time off and if so am I allowed to leave camp?

Staff are allowed two hours off per day and additional time off may be available.

On weekends, time off generally starts around 9:00 p.m. Friday night and continues through Saturday until Sunday around noon. However, you must be available on occasional weekends for camper supervision, camp rentals, and other camp related activities.

On time off, staff are free to stay at camp and use the staff time off area, head into town, or go home as long as they relax and use their time wisely.

Can my friends or relatives visit me at camp?

Yes, of course they can. However, if your friends or family would like to visit you at camp, the visitation needs to be pre-arranged and approved with the Director of Camp and Program and occur on your time off. All visitors must sign in in the camp office, wear a visitor badge at all times, and stay with the person they are visiting.

Can I do my laundry at camp?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer located in the staff time off area. It is $0.75 to wash and $0.75 to dry. You can also take your laundry home with you on your time off.

Can I use the internet?

There is limited computer and internet access at camp. There are computers available throughout camp for staff to use on a case by case basis on their time off, which needs to be arranged and approved with the Director of Camp and Program. You are allowed to bring along your own laptop, tablet, or other device to use. However, Girl Scouts of Manitou Council recommends that seasonal camp staff members not bring valuables to camp. If it is unavoidable, personal belongings are the exclusive responsibility of the owner and are not covered by the camp’s insurance.

Can I bring my cell phone to camp?

Staff are allowed to have cell phones at camp. However, you may charge and/or use your cell phone only when campers are not present—i.e. the staff time off area. Campers are not allowed to have phones and it would be unfair for them to see you using yours.

Can I bring my vehicle to camp?

You can bring your own vehicle to camp and there will be a designated parking area for staff. If you do not have a vehicle that is okay as you can usually get a ride with fellow staff members if needed.

Can I bring a pet?

Even though we love animals, staff are not allowed to have pets at camp.

What are the meals like?

Camp menus are very kid and adult friendly. They also meet recommended dietary guidelines. Most meals are prepared by the food services staff at the dining hall. However, the girls along with the staff are given an opportunity to cook at least one meal outdoors over a campfire.

Special diets—i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, food allergies, etc.—can be accommodated. If you need any of these special requests, it is your responsibility to make arrangements and speak with the Director of Camp and Program to ensure these special requests are met.

If you have any other questions related to working at camp or camp in general, please contact the director of camp and program.

What are camp names and why do we use them?

At Girl Scout camps, all staff members go by camp names. These camp names are fun for the campers, and at the end of the session, campers are allowed to guess our real names. These nicknames can represent something about your personality, favorite hobby, favorite animal, etcetera, or it can just be a silly name that you like. We always keep these names positive and appropriate.